For too long, homeowners who challenge a bank’s standing to foreclose on their properties have been called “strategic defaulters” by banks and their attorneys.  For too long, this term has gone unchallenged.

As you know, words are powerful.  The term “strategic defaulter” has some very negative notions and preconceptions in the mind and eyes of the judge/jury.  It says the homeowner can pay but chooses not to.  It says the homeowner is a dead beat.

Fundamental to our movement is the concept of Standing.  We as a movement overall are standing up and objecting to the bank’s standing to foreclose on our houses.

Today, I propose we use a new term: “Standing Objector“.

The term “objector” takes its roots from the Vietnam War era “conscientious objector”, where a person objects to being drafted into a war they do not believe in.  Here, we are objecting to banks stealing people’s homes without proper standing to do so.

The word “standing” refers to the bank not being the real party of interest to foreclose on our homes.  There is a second meaning to this word, and that is “standing up”…which simply means we are standing up for our rights and demand that we are given proper due process as protected under the law and compel these banks to follow the law.

So please, start using this word and pass it around.  Let’s see if we can introduce this word into the common vocabulary of the Standing movement.

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Vince Khan


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