Some of you may have heard of a man who recently gained a property for a total of $16 by registering a claim with the local county under Adverse Possession laws.


So, for those more adventurous souls out there, this might be something you might want to try.


As you know, there are literally tens of thousands of homes in your city (assuming you live in a major metropolis), that are abandoned/unoccupied due to foreclosure.  These homes are an eye sore and are not maintained.  In general, people in the neighborhood prefer that the home goes to a good family.  So, all you have to do is, if you are struggling with your current home, you might just want to find another home near by (or not)…and ask the neighbors about the house…how long it’s been abandoned, etc…and then just register an adverse possession claim with the county.  Here is Kenneth Robinson’s adverse possession claim form.  Just copy this and customize it for your own.


Sometimes, when you are faced with an uphill battle, it might be easier to think creatively workers compensation lawyer sacramento…like upgrading the house to a better abandoned property and let the bank have the old one.


Be sure to share your success with us.


Good luck.