Foreclosure Defense Products

We offer a number of Foreclosure Defense Membership products to assist our members fight bank fraud.

Foreclosure Defense Homeowners Membership Program

If you are a victim of bank fraud and have lost your home, you might want to join our Wrongful Foreclosure Membership program to connect with other homeowners who have similarly suffered.  You also get access to sample documents that other members have used to fight for restitution for wrongful foreclosure.

Wrongful Foreclosure Membership Program

Join our Foreclosure Defense Membership program to connect with other homeowners wishing to fight foreclosure fraud.  Get access to sample documents homeowners have used, and learn more about what others have done to fight foreclosure fraud.

Credit Default Swap Search

A Credit Default Swap is an insurance policy your lender takes out against your loan to protect them in the event that your loan ever enters default.  Upon default, they get paid in full, yet they still try to foreclose on your property.  This is insurance fraud.  Get the evidence to stop them from getting away with this.

MSI Securitization Audit

Discover whether you are a victim of bank fraud.  Was your loan securitized?  Who owns your note now?  Has there been robo-signers who are signing bogus loan assignment documents.  Get a MSI Securitization Audit to get the evidence you need to win in court.

Credit Defense Membership Program

Are you buried under credit card debt? Student Loans? Medical Bills? Car Loans?  Join our membership program and connect with other members who are in the same position.  We offer resources for members to deal with debt.