Joint Venture

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Here are our payout schedules:


Foreclosure Defense Membership ($199 product): Payout = $100


Full Document Preparation Service ($995 Product): Payout = $150


Document Preparation and Audit Bundle ($1995 product): $150 Commission

We pay monthly on the 1st of the month.

Wait a minute there!  Why are you paying so little for your other document preparation products?  Well, it’s really simple. After deducting my costs for fulfillment, we are left with about $20 per sale.  we only make some money for the back end monthly ongoing costs.  And if the client cancels after 30 days, we make almost nothing. Our mission has always been about looking after our homeowners and making our products and services affordable.  We are dealing with razor thin margins here because frankly, not many homeowners have money.  If they had money, they wouldn’t be in foreclosure!

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