Are You Ready to Learn More About Foreclosure Defense?

The first step towards fighting for your home is to learn more about foreclosure defense through education.

Look, we’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours researching this content so that we can save you time.  We’ve put together a workshop that people have paid a hundreds of dollars to attend, include hotels and the hassle of flying to come to our events.  We want more people to have access to this information.  So, instead of putting together a seminar, we’ve made the video of the event available to you to save you the hassle and expense of traveling.


In this 4 hour video series you will learn:


The difference between a Judicial and Non-judicial state with regards to foreclosures.


How to articulate the issue of Standing and “Real Parties of Interest”.


How to Spot “Evidence of Movement” to challenge the Lender’s Standing.


Your Rights under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and how to use it in Foreclosure Defense.


How to Negotiate a Loan Modification from a position of Power.


Dirty Tricks Lenders do to hide their shame, and what you can do to fight it.


Expert Witness Testimony from an industry insider with over 20 wins under his belt.


Much more…

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The Inside Job Movie

The Great American Dream

This is a very good video that tells the truth behind the banking industry (30mins):

Here is a Senate Hearing on MERS – VERY GOOD

Legal Arguments for Foreclosure Defense

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Our step by step coaching program gives you everything you need to fight for your home and compel your lender to produce valid proof of claim or else release their claim (ie. force them to quit their claim on your house).  Unlike other programs, our system in unique because it will give you day by day instructions.  For example, “today, we will write your first letter to the lender. ” or “today, we will go down to the county recorder’s office to do some research on the title of your house.”  This way, we hold your hands through the process so you are never lost.

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