Foreclosure Defense: Module 8

Disclaimer: This is purely for educational purpose. Nothing on this site can be construed as giving legal advice. You are using this information at your own risk. You are to seek legal counsel in these matters.

The Bank’s Response

This is a very heavy module. I want your full 100% attention. Please take this very very seriously.

So, you’ve filed your civil action. You’ve serviced them. All is good. Next day, you receive a certified mail response from the bank.  What do you do?

This is the bank’s response. This is a REAL response from a real person’s civil petition.  So, I want you to treat it like it was your response from the bank.  We are going to show you what a Motion to Dismiss looks and feel like. This is a live simulation training to sharpen your skills and activate your “PANIC DRILL”. As in “oh crap. Now what do I do?”

Look my job is not to give you the fish. I am teaching you how to fish. While it is easy to have “the guru” give you all the answers, it’s not going to serve you when the shit hits the fan. You need to own this.

This is perhaps the hardest thing you’ve had to do in your life

If you pass this, you can pass anything.  Look honestly guys, when I read this, I freaked out and lost sleep too.
I am trying to toughen you up in preparation for the real world of legal defense. Don’t you dare give up on me!!!

Your wife/husband is depending on you.

Your kids are depending on you.

Your dog/cat is depending on you.

This is the fight to keep your home.

Action Steps

1) Download this Demurrer.Banks-Position-Demurrer (Right Mouse Click. Save Link As)

2) Watch this video:

3) Go to Wikipedia and study the word “Demurrer”.

4) Read the bank’s response. DO NOT FREAK OUT. Just read it. Take a deep breath. Go for a walk. Sleep on it. Just think about it.

5) If you haven’t done so, study Jurisdictionary again. You might want to buy it so you get access to his other training also. Jurisdictionary.

6) Compose your response to this Demurrer and treat it like the real thing. I mean..the full pleading and all.

8) I don’t care if you have to call Prepaid legal for advice. Hire a lawyer. Share ideas with others in the group. Do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO BUILD ME A CONVINCING ARGUMENT. Treat this seriously. As if the bank just fired over their response in real life. And you can not run to George and say “here’s what they say.  What do I do now?” I am not your lawyer.

9) If you can not craft a valid response to this in simulation, what are you going to do when the bank respond in real life? This is very very real. What are you going to do??

You can whine and say “But, this is not fair. I am not a lawyer. I did not sign up for this. I just wanted to find a way to save my home.  I don’t know how to do this.”

Look, I DON’T CARE!!! Life is not fair. It’s not fair you are in this situation. It’s not my fault. My job is to break you and make you strong, so you can face the real world. You started the fight with the bank. Are you going to give up and let them take your home or are you going to uphold your promise to me when we started this program?  DO WHATEVER THE HELL IT TAKES TO WIN!!!



Feel free to use the comments section below as a forum to share ideas and support each other. This is the fight for your life. We need to band together and support each other.

Look, if any one of you want to take over our Wed night call to mastermind this problem out, then let us know. We are here to support you.

Good luck.