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“…clearly lays out the point by point bread trail that the banks have done with the note through the securitization process. WOW!!!”
– Frank, Paralegal

“I had a TRO hearing on Jan 31st. it was a TRO for quiet title against MERS, BOA and ReConTrust. I basically used examples set forth from the consumer defense program except tailored made for my situation. I also had the securitization audit done which basically won my case!! The Judge was sympathetic to my cause. He asked BOA, MERS and Recontrust’s lawyer two simple questions that their lawyer could not answer. “Where’s the note?” When the lawyer said that he did not have it, the Judge was irate and commented that he came unprepared to the court. He then asked if BOA, MERS or ReConTrust had a right to foreclose- to which he responded “no”. The end result was that they conceded and I won. Thank you consumer defense and securitization audit

Byw, I guess that I need to cancel my subscription as I am no longer on the calls or in need of forms. If something else comes up, then I will rejoin. Is there a protocol to cancel?

Thank you again,”

– Michelle Samples

“Thank you so much for this valuable information. You really got to the root of the issue. I have done alot of research on this topic and have found your information to be the most thorough and applicable. I have already put it in practice and will share this book with at least 3 others if not many more!!!!! I will also contact you and let you know the final outcome. Thank you!!!!!!”
– Kimbra

“Ever since I started reading your book, I have not been able to put it down. It has been extremely informative, easy to read, and has helped me greatly in my decisions to fight for my home. Thank you very very much, I can’t wait to be able to help others with similar problems by referring them to your book. Please keep helping us, your advice is deeply appreciated.
Thank you so much”
– Jairo Gutierrez

“Opened it, read it, and am absolutely blown away!…”

“Vince this is one of the best sources of information I have read to date. Spent money on other info that does not measure up to the info you’ve provided. My sincere thanks…”
– Adam

“…very, very informative…”
-Rick Carr

“…I couldn’t stop reading…so timely and helpful…really broke things down in layman terms…”

“Your product is essential to the financial security of each property owner in this country! If you are behind or not, don’t let the banks take advantage of you anymore!”
-Ernest Egan

“This information is a god send…”

“Vince Kahn’s Foreclosure Defense Manual is the BEST document I have come across which explains this otherwise intensely complicated field. I have been doing research for almost a year and it wasn’t until l read the manual that the whole thing came together…”

“Absolutely phenomenal reading! …has the ability to really change things in this country and beyond!”

“WOW…. I’m blown away with the content. THANKS …for showing me the way…”

“May God bless you and your team for what you are doing to help others. We have forwarded this e-book to everyone we know and have asked them to pass it along to their friends and family…It is important information that everyone needs to know…Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
-Jeff Knapp

“…lots of information and well put together. Thank you for all of the hard and time consuming work you have put into educating homeowners…”
-Patricia A. Young

“Ever since I started reading your book, I have not been able to put it down. It has been extremely informative, easy to read, and has helped me greatly in my decisions to fight for my home. Thank you very very much…”
– Jairo Gutierrez

“Vince Khan does a great job of explaining what is really going on when a “lender” is foreclosing on someone, and also pointing out how the vast majority of these “lenders”, who are really just “loan servicers” have no authority to foreclose on the homeowner…”

“…EVERYONE really needs to read this stuff! Thank you Vince for bringing this truth out. And for your humanitarian and courageous stand to keep people from losing their homes to corrupt predator lenders!”
-Cindy White

“Thank you so much for your courage and strength to educate main street of the FRAUD AND SCAM that is happening. I am fighting Bank Of America and Chase Home Financial I’ve started Administrative Process…”
– Simone

“…Thanks greatly for the “organized and pointed” information!!”
– Wally Cook

“Planning to share this book with many, the laymen terms make it easy to understand even for the most inexperience reader…”

“Thank you for the serious amount of work put into this book. The book is simple, easy to read, and easy to understand.”


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Help, I am Facing Foreclosure.

Knock, knock came the noise from the front door. I gingerly opened the door to find my postman handing me an envelope requiring my signature. It was for certified mail.

It was a Notice of Default from my servicer. It felt as if someone had physically punched me in the gut and I felt like vomiting. Intellectually, I knew this moment would arrive, but yet I cannot help the way I feel.

I couldn’t even get myself to finish reading the rest of the document before tossing it on my desk and crawled into bed and cried.

As a grown man, I cannot recall when the last time I cried. I’ve been conditioned to “be a man” and not to break under pressure. But, despite it all, I cried. Somehow, I wish that someone would come and tell me everything is going to be OK, just like my mother did when I was a little boy. Unfortunately, no body could. Because nobody understands what I am going through. It’s hard to “keep it together” when your whole world is falling apart around you.

My name is Vince Khan. This is my story.

I made a lot of money around 2002-2004. I made enough money to retire for the rest of my life. With that money, I invested in a number of properties, partly as a way to park my money and partly as a way to make a little money investing in real estate.

In 2009 I started another business that required a lot of start up capital. Things didn’t turn out as I had planned. I had invested all my money into the venture but it was not enough. I needed more money. In 2010, I made a decision to stop paying the mortgage for 4 of my investment properties to feed my new start up, in the hopes that eventually, my startup would turn around and I would then have enough money to pay back the bank.

I was wrong. My startup failed. Not only had I lost everything, I was heavily in debt because I leveraged everything I had to fund my company.

So, like millions of people around the country, I was facing foreclosure.

Shortly after I stopped making payments, I started looking at my options. I could either do a short sale (meaning I could sell the property for what is owed) or just hold onto the properties for as long as possible before they foreclose on me. Or I could put up a fight.

I chose to fight.

To be honest, when I started this journey, I was just as ignorant as everyone else who was in going through a default. I borrowed the money. Now, for one reason or another, I can’t pay my mortgage. So, I was lead to believe that the bank was entitled to foreclose on my houses and repossess them.

I was wrong.

It was at that time that I started learning about bank fraud. At first, I was skeptical but I kept an open mind. As I dug deeper into this issue, it became clear that there was more than meets the eye. I started reading more and more instances of homeowners winning in court against banks. In fact, I discovered that banks have sold mortgages onto Wall Street as what’s called “mortgage backed securities” (MBS). At first, I did not know what that meant. My thoughts were, “so what?”

As I studied this issue deeper, I came to realize that banks were actually committing some very clever schemes to steal people’s home without the proper “Standing” to do so.

You see, once a bank have sold a promissory note as a MBS, it no longer owns the note. And if it does not own the note, it does not have the right (or Standing) to foreclose.

But they do this every single day, because they rely on our ignorance. They rely on your ignorance. They rely on the judge’s ignorance and they even rely on their own lawyer’s ignorance to pull this scheme off.

On one side, we have a growing population of people living in tent cities without running water, without toilets or other things you and I take for granted.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have bank executives getting multi-million dollar bonuses for how quickly they can foreclose people’s homes (without having any actual legal authority to do so).

Not only that, these bank executives have received TRILLIONS of taxpayer money from TARP (the Troubled Asset Relief Program) to pretty much do as they see fit. You know, buy up smaller banks, buy executive jets, go to the Bahamas for exotic retreats and other wonderful ways to spend the handouts from our government.

This got me mad.

But most frustrating of all, I discovered that as a homeowner, my choices were very limited.

Firstly, even if I took the time to learn about this fraud, so what? How does this have to do with me saving my houses from foreclosure? I am not a lawyer. I am too poor to afford one, and even if I had $25,000 to retain one, there was no assurance of success. (Access to the law is no longer affordable to the common man).

Secondly, I don’t know enough about the law to put up a viable defense. I’m just your average computer geek. I don’t know anything about the law. I don’t have the time or the mental energy to learn to be a lawyer to put up a defense.

Thirdly, there was very limited information available for homeowners to learn about this stuff. Even if one has the time, it would take a full time occupation to figure all this stuff out at the best of times (ie. When one is not suffering from crippling depression when one’s world is falling apart).

Fourthly, very few attorneys even know about this stuff. There wasn’t really anyone I could go to to learn this information.

The odds were just stacked against me.

Faced with insurmountable adversity, I was faced with a decision: To give up or to go down fighting.

My father told me a story about how Japan won so many battles in Asia (they took over almost all of Asia before America dropped the bombs). He said that unlike other armies, the Japanese doctrine was “death before dishonor”. The concept of surrender or retreat was the lowest of shame for a Japanese soldier. When they landed their troops into a battle, the Japanese would tell their soldiers that the only way they would go home was to either win, or return in a body bag. There was no retreat. As a result, the Japanese soldiers fought like their lives depended on it, because it literally was.

For me, this was the doctrine in which I lived my life. I either succeed in what I do or I die trying. As Master Yoda said in “The Empire Strikes Back”, “do or do not, there is a try.”

So, study I did.

I committed to doing whatever it takes to put up a fight and win.

I started to challenge the bank using the processes outlined in this book, and to cut a long story short, I managed to compel the bank to issue a Rescission of the Notice of Default on my property.

Essentially, this means that the bank can not foreclose on my house and it is currently in limbo.

As of the time of writing, I am in the process of filing a civil action called a “Quiet Title Action” to remove the lien on the house. You can read more about the progress of this on my website at www.consumerdefenseprograms.com.

As I learned more about this subject, it occurred to me that millions of other people around the world were going through the same problems I was going through. The biggest issue faced by distressed homeowners was that there was no easy to understand, easy to follow materials available to the average homeowner to put up a fight against lender fraud.

With this in mind, I put together a blog online to help homeowners. All the sudden, my site got bombarded with so many people wanting to know more about what I’ve discovered. Everyone started to ask me questions; everyone wanted me to help them with their situation.

I quickly realized there were a number of problems with this situation.

  1. I barely have enough headspace to deal with my own problems, let alone other people’s.
  2. If I answered people’s questions openly, the BAR Association would love to put a stop to this by accusing me of “practicing law”. (Competition is bad for business after all.)
  3. Helping people takes time, and everyone’s situation was different. I only have a limited amount of time in the day. I barely had time to pee, let alone help other people.
  4. Helping people for free full time means I cannot spend that time to make a living for myself. It is a full time job just to keep up with all the research and reading to understand the strategies of foreclosure defense.

With these problems in mind, I decided to write this book. My goal is to give homeowners an easy to understand resource so that you can quickly grasp how the fraud is being perpetrated. Once they understand the fraud, to then teach them how to articulate a viable defense. I’ve written this book so that anyone can put together a viable strategy to defend their home from lender fraud and so they can keep their home for as long as possible.

Unlike other books, this book is written in a conversational tone using lots of stories and analogies so everyone can understand. I believe that often “less is more” when it comes to information. While other books are hundreds of pages long, this book by comparison is rather small. Too much information leads to overwhelm and “paralysis by analysis”. My goal is to make this handbook be a practical guide with real practical steps you can do right now to save your home, yet be easy enough to digest in one evening’s reading.

Please keep in mind, this whole scheme was created by the brightest minds in the banking industry. This is something banks don’t want the public to know. They have gone to great lengths to make sure people like you don’t know about their schemes. Court cases have been settled with conditions of a gag order are being done on a regular basis. In one instance, an expert witness I’ve interviewed have had his life threatened by banksters for the information he knows.

The information presented in this book is highly controversial. I truly believe that I am writing this book at great risk to my own personal safety. Thanks to the power of the Internet, my hope is that once this book is in the hands of enough people, that the banks will not feel the need to “silence me”.

I’ve always been inspired by the story of Jesus. In particular, his bravery for doing what’s right in the face of overwhelming adversity. Jesus was arrested for talking against the rabbis and was condemned to death. His jailer knew that Jesus was a good man and did not want to see him dead. The jailer deliberately left Jesus’ jail door open and made arrangements for Jesus to easily escape. Instead of running away, Jesus stayed in his cell and ended up dying on the Cross.

This is true bravery.

While I don’t want to be a martyr, I do feel strongly about helping homeowners despite the dangers to myself.

If you are facing foreclosure and want an easy to read, and easy to understand guide to help you stay in your home, then this book is for you. Too often, one has to wade through thousands and thousands of pages of information to get a basic understanding of what’s going on. This type of information is often written in legalese (by lawyers for lawyers) and is ladened with double talk jargon that it is hard for the average person to comprehend.

I hope you will join me in standing up against injustice and bank corruption. And if this book makes a difference in your life, please “pay it forward”. Please tell others about it.

Vince Khan

To claim your free book, simply enter your name and email address below and click on the Download eBook Now button

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We respect your privacy and will not reveal your information to anyone for any reason.




  1. tom davis

    I need to get a securitized audit done and need number to one of your affordable attorney for wash, sale was june 6, need to file paper work before they change name on title 253 370 0334 tom call me

  2. Viola Cunningham

    Yes, I just would like to speak to someone in this
    community. I read your book. I was very please with it. Vince Do you have at least 1 attorney in the Chicagoland area I could speak to. I’m thinking of training myself in CFLA. Certified Forensic Loan Audit. I just want to know from the attorney Is there a demand for people who specialize in research in Securitization process, These classes are very expensive. I will find a way to do this class. I just want to talk to an Attorney who is already doing this in Illinois. Do this Organization have a phone#

  3. Joseph Raquiza

    I read this book and iy was great reading. It is a must to give this book to lawyers, Judges, friends and relatives. It will open everybodies eyes. This banks have been stealing from the american public and even when exposed nobody has gone to jail.
    We want the american public to know that this banksters have to be exposed and hopefully we have the public write to their public officials and show them that there is public outrage and that things have to change. We want this banksters in jail where they belong. Thanks to people like Vince Khan and George Tran and their hard work we who joined the consumer defenxe program are more educated on this matter and have access to information that can be used against the banksters.
    Thank you Vince and George, cause I don;t have the smarts to have done this.
    Great Information.

  4. Javier Anrique

    Would the program help if I already lost the home.judgement has been granted and the bank is now chasing me for the outstanding balance due to the shortfall? Also I’m in sydney,Australia .
    Many thanks

  5. Alicia

    This book has a lot of good information. I have shared it with others. I have also been foreclosed on and I want to hit them where it hurts, in the pocket. I want to learn the process so that I can help others. Tired of the 1% getting away with this for years.

  6. Darleana McHenry

    I have been fighting with Seterus IBM for about 2 years about extra fees since they acquired my mortgage. I couldn’t sleep at night and was starting to behave like a domestic violence victim because I felt that I had no recourse other than to send them money for silly charges. After reading this e-book. I had a good night’s sleep because I knew that I wasn’t alone or crazy but being victimized by a fraudulent loan company. I feel empowered to research my mortgage and deal with Goliath without fear or shame. I am recommending this resource to other people in the same situation.

  7. Darleana McHenry

    I am so glad that I have found this reference. I knew that my Mortgage Company has committed fraud. My loan is currently in foreclosure despite the fact that I have sent them money every month. I have paid my property taxes and insurance for the year. I receive statements that have not reflected money that has cleared my bank. Seterus claims that they paid my taxes and insurance from my escrow account. I paid my insurance and taxes from my personal account. I am going to read this book from cover to cover to determine how to fight this predatory lender for my house.

  8. Rudi Londt

    The e-book by George Tran is excellent; it is the best combined information about foreclosure and the banking Fiat system.
    I have send all servicers, banks and trustees mentioned in the trust deed ans PSA several QWR’s with notices of default and cease and desist notices.
    They have no standing; I also have a common law lien to protect my equity and a recorded Homestead and Notice of intend to Preserve an interest.
    The common law lien was given public notice through the news paper and each bank and trustee has been sent by certified mail a copy of the affidavit and the common law lien.
    Personally I might not need to become a member; but I have one person who definitely needs your help.
    You already signed me up as an affiliate, thank you.
    I will order the book just for my records.
    How many people have successfully won from the banks using your procedure?
    Great information, Rudi Londt

  9. dan tarlia

    Lot of info. Sounds good in theory. Does the defense work. If it does and everyone used it we could bring all the banks down. Are there Fla Atty’s who know and use this defense? . I would like to know because I’m current with payments but ready to do strategic default. Sick of paying for underwater property


  10. Juan

    Hello, I just download the book and read it in one night, also read all the laws pertaining to it and I was amaze at the simplicity and truth of this information. Thank you for putting this info in the net. It was so simple to read and understand, I have being looking for information all over but never have I found it so simple to understand Thank you. This info is a weapon in our hands for defending against this deceivers bankers. have no word to say thanks.

  11. Lorin

    This is one of the most complete and well thought out books, that I have read. I have helped a woman stay in her house for 5 years with no payment to the bank. Your book will help me complete the process and close the bank out completely. Thanks

  12. Tariq

    I have read the book and I have passed it on to several other people who are facing foreclosure or have been foreclosed on. My research has concluded that banks, lawyers, and judges have conspired to deprive people of their right to possess property that their signatures have paid for and the securitization of the note not only extinguishes the debt, but the lack of disclosure of the initiation of a REIT voids the contract. I have also made plans to use the principles in your book to recover damages for securitized car loans and credit cards. Thank you for your help.

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