“Who Else Wants the Fill-in-the-Blanks
Foreclosure Defense Blueprint
PROVEN to Stop Foreclosure Dead in its Tracks?”

Vince Khan Guides You By the Hand Through the Step-by-Step Process that
Forced His Bank to Rescind His Notice of Default
… Allowing Him to Keep his Family in His Home

Tuesday 7:23 am

Dear Friend,

If you (or someone you know) is facing foreclosure, this is the most important message of your life right now. Here’s why …

It’s the cold, hard reality …

When the foreclosure clock starts ticking, it’s only
a matter of time before you, your family, and all your stuff
are booted out of your home and onto the street.

Do nothing, and you will soon be living that reality – forced into the humiliation of finding the next place for you and your family to live.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

You Are Not Alone, and
You Have More Options Than You Think

My name is Vince Khan. And fortunately, I know from experience how you may be able to …

Stop Foreclosure Dead in its Tracks!

It’s simple. It’s 100% legal. And it’s already been proven to work by myself and others. (Proof provided below.)

And I’m going to tell you all about it right here, right now.

Here is one of our members who has
Won their home FREE and CLEAR! …

Now … if your home and your family are important to you, please turn off your phone, close your email, shut your door, and take the next few minutes to see how you may be able to avoid being another victim of …

One of the Biggest Financial Frauds America has Ever Seen

Now, it’s important going forward that you are crystal clear on a few facts that you can use to your ultimate advantage to help you stay in your home…

Why Most of the Foreclosures
in America Today are FRAUD

Here’s what this all means to you…
94.77% of Loans Out There Have Been Fraudulently Been Assigned.  This Means That Your Bank Is Most Likely Fraudulently Foreclosing On Your Home.


Here’s evidence from one of our members:

Easy Court Victory…“My first experience with Consumer Defense Programs has been extremely helpful. I have been fighting over 40 foreclosures for more than 3 years now. Much of that time, I have relied on other people who were “helping” me. They did some good and I learned from them. But, I was running out of options until I came across the Consumer Defense Programs.The first encounter since learning ideas from the program was a situation on one of the houses had a hearing scheduled for a motion to dismiss. We submitted the Mass. Supreme Court Case as a Memorandum of Law. The judge started out with “You know Mr. Cook, if the Plaintiff says they own or hold the note and mortgage, I have to take that as fact.” I replied, “Yes judge, unless the attached document conflicts with the statements made.” The judge said, “Yes, that is true, let’s take a look at the documents.” In this case, the Plaintiff had submitted a Count II (lost note). They failed to attach a copy of the note. The judge said to the plaintiffs attorney, “I am dismissing this case. You have 30 days to file an amended complaint if you chose to.”

I am in Florida. That means the Plaintiff’s attorney now has to “certify” the complaint if they resubmit. [The Plaintiff’s] law firm is under investigation by our State Attorney General. There are numerous questionable documents in the file and the note has been securitized.

For 5 minutes in front of the judge, we felt pretty good. If the Mass Case had not been submitted as a memo of law, I don’t think the judge would have dismissed it as quickly as he did.”

– Wally Cook, Florida

As you can see, you have legal rights to keep your home and continue living in your home. A world of opportunity and options to protect those rights exists before you.

I know this process inside and out because I’ve lived through it personally.

If you’ve read my free ebook, you know that I’m a regular homeowner who has successfully taken on the bank and received a Notice of Rescission on the Notice of Default on my home (meaning I was able to stop an impending foreclosure on my home).

I was so disgusted with the fraud I discovered that’s being perpetrated against American homeowners, like you, that I decided to go public with what I learned.


The Foreclosure Defense Members And Coaching Association

I was so disgusted with the fraud I discovered that’s being perpetrated against American homeowners, like you, that I decided to go public with what I learned.  I have created a membership and coaching association where homeowners like yourself get to network with each other and collaborate.  Share success stories, help support each other with our research and successes, and more.

As a member, you will receive my step by step coaching program which explains exactly what you need to do, what documents to file, where to send these and how to word them.  In fact, I’ve done all the hard work of creating the documents for you.  All you need to do is “fill in the blanks” with your information.  Like this:


Vince has put together an amazing program to help homeowners defend against bank fraud. He genuinely cares about the rights of homeowners and have put together a membership and coaching program that is very structured and easy to follow. As a result of Vince’s leadership, my group and I meet every Wednesday evenings to be on his conference calls and we collaborate and discuss new ideas and strategies to fight bank fraud.

I think the program offers incredible value and I would recommend it to any homeowner who wants to put up a fight and to be able to stay in their homes.

Kevin Bierwirth, Austin TX

I have been with Consumer Defense Programs since some time in August … Knowledge is power and … it wipes away the fear. I have learned so much about the new Frauds being perpetrated by the banksters and how to defend ourselves against these Vipers. I believe that you [are] very honorable and passionate about this service as I am and that as a group this service is far more valuable that the cost of admission, I have made life long friends with You(Vince) and others in the group … The program just keeps getting better and better as we all learn together…

David Nguyen, LA California

Your Consumer Defense Programs is the most informative web-site that I have known so far. I want you to know that by using your tools, during March 2011 my lender withdrew the foreclosure lawsuit on my house in Florida. The information you put together is very effective, easy to use, just what I needed most and not overwhelmed me with info-overload. The step by step instructions give me the knowing what to expect when dealing with the bad banksters. Your courage of not only exposed the lenders malpractices and their greeds but also providing a real cost effective solution for the homeowners. The whole program is a vital educational process for consumers. I see this as a way to respond to the big rip-off by the financial institutions in this country.Most important of all is I learned that you are a person with high integrity, honoring your words and a trustworthy individual…You are doing a great service to the ordinary people who are struggling to find for justice and the know-how to avoid the bank scams that rampage these days. Your mission is just and I am happy recommending you to the people out there. Together let us make these banks accountable for their actions.

Fred W., Daytona Beach, FL

Since joining Vince’s coaching program, I was able to understand the foreclosure process more accurately, whereby I began to ask the right questions of my lender. I wrote the President of B of A directly and due to her failure to respond to my request of verification of my debt and who was the real party in interest, I was able to use his sample pleading to formulate my own civil action against Bank of America. After suing the President of Bank of America initially, I later amended my complaint to include BofA, MERS and Recontrust as defendants due the fraud that I had uncovered in my research.

My lawsuit filing did get the attention of the President of BofA, where she had her personal assistant call me and also others contact me from BofA to stop this suit. But once I found the fraud, my concern was about the laws that were violated in this wrongful foreclosure process whereby the banks/servicers were taking houses they did not have the note on. My lawsuit continues at the Federal level as the bank still has not produced the proof of who is the legal holder in due course on my mortgage note. In addition, the multiple fraud issues also need to be addressed through the judicial process. So I am waiting for my day in court!

I am still living in my house and Bank of America along with their subsidiary Recontrust have decided not to foreclose on my property due to my pending legal action.

I now realize, that I also have legal rights as the property owner. It is important for homeowners to educate themselves and then take whatever action is appropriate to insure that their rights are not being violated.

Thank you Vince for assisting homeowners in protecting their biggest asset, their home, from wrongful actions by lenders/servicers who are not acting according to the law.

Pamela Staton, Yachats Oregon

We are kicking ourselves for not finding your program sooner. Had we known about this program, we could have saved our home from being wrongfully foreclosed on by these crooks. Your program is jam packed with so much value. This sort of information is very hard to come by. Great information and education for all. We are planning to use the Mortgage Securitization Audit report that we ordered as a basis for a wrongful foreclosure action with your guidance. This program is definitely the real deal…and real value.

Do not be deceived by other self-help groups out there with regards to mortgage foreclosure help remedies available out there. They charge thousands of dollars but unfortunately do not really go through with the guidance.

Thanks for the great work Vince.

Karen and Fred, Alabama

But it’s not just MY research. 

My fight for truth and justice has attracted the help and expertise of various experts as well as the collective input from the very Members of this program.

As our many members will attest, the Foreclosure Defense Membership Program is the most helpful and well-put-together collection of tools, resources and help available anywhere. Nothing else can hold a candle to what you get here.

Here’s What You Get…

Membership Component 1:

Follow-the-Blueprint Structured Coaching

Unlike other programs and products which pretty much throw you 1,000 hours of content, and 1,000 pages of documents and say “good luck”, our program gives you a simple 1-2-3 blueprint to follow …

Our Structured Coaching is automatically provided to you by email on a precise schedule that keeps you on track and prevents overwhelm.

We tell you what to do in week 1. In week 2, what letters to send (we provide you with the templates to fill in), and so on. We hold you by the hand and have you fill in the blanks. It’s that easy.

Even if you forget or put something off, you’re going to be automatically reminded of what to do next, like clockwork. This simple process makes it difficult to fail because it spoon feeds you exactly what you need, when you need it.

Membership Component 2:

Foreclosure Defense Process Map

If you’re concerned about being confused, your worries are over.

Because this single-page PDF document gives you an instant bird’s-eye view of the entire foreclosure defense process. With little more than a glance, the fog of mystery and confusion is lifted, and a clear path revealed to you.

You’ll see the 7 ways you can win your case (4 by default, 3 by judgment) and everything leading up to that point. It’s an invaluable reference tool that brings you into laser-sharp focus in seconds, literally.

Membership Component 3:

Fill-in-the-Blank Document Templates Kit

The kit contains sample letters and sample documents you can use to force your lender to produce proof of claim … speak for you in court … and so much more. Members have used these documents to stop foreclosure dead in its tracks.

  • State-by-State Foreclosure Rights – details your rights for the state you live in. Use this to avoid getting taken advantage of by the greedy banks and fraudulent processes.
  • Step by Step Time Dripped Coaching Program that tells you EXACTLY what you need to do, and when so you are never lost.
  • Is your home going up for sale next week? Use the 006 Motion for TRO.doc document to postpone the sale.
  • What to file after the bank responds. We have lot’s of sample response from other homeowners who have successfully defeated the banks for you to copy and use.
  • We’ve included case laws in the form of a Memorandum of Laws that you can attach with your Quiet Title Action. Other homeowners have successfully use these to have their case dismissed in a Judicial foreclosure.
  • Articles and Actual Court Cases (where homeowners have won) to help you support your case.
  • The “Overkill Method” of Avoiding Improper Service – this one insight could save your entire case from being thrown out.
  • Bankruptcy Method Documents – If you’re going this route, we’ve got you covered with the steps and documents you need the streamline the process and ease your pain.
  • Sample responses to have your case dismissed in a Judicial Foreclosure in places like Florida.
  • Attorney Interview Questions – 7 questions to ask an attorney to find out if s/he can help you or if s/he is one of the majority who are just uninformed on this newly-risen area of the law.
  • Court Procedure Checklist – going to court is a breeze when you’re prepared and you know what to expect. If you ever end up in court, this straight-forward checklist replaces fear of the unknown with clarity and reassurance.
  • Complete document index – explains exactly what each document is for and when or why you may need it.
  • And many more documents than you’ll ever need.
  • We’ve made everything so simple, an elementary school student can follow it, and so can you.

Membership Component 4:

Member Community Access

You are not alone.

As a member, you’ll have access to all the members in our directory. More importantly, you can connect with members local to you so you can collaborate, form mastermind groups and support each other to achieve your goals.

Our members continue telling us that being able to connect with others who are in their same situation – getting support from people who care – is one of the most valuable and helpful parts of our membership.

Membership Component 5:

Exclusive Members Only Services

As a member, you will have access to our exclusive document preparation services (offered by a third party).  Instead of throwing away thousands of dollars away dealing with vulture-like attorneys who prey on desperate homeowners, we have put together a world class document preparation service that will prepare all your documents for you, including your pleading, help you file Answers (if you are being sued in a judicial foreclosure), file responses to Motions to Dismiss, and Discovery document requests.

All at a shockingly affordable price.

Membership Component 6:

Recorded Conference Call Archive

Can’t make the live call? No problem.

You’ll have access to hours and hours of previous calls…including a special 90-minute call with Paul Mosely who has won 2 judgments against his lender and on his way to winning his third. Discover Paul’s innovative, winning formula.

Listen online, on iTunes, or download them to your computer. You won’t ever have to miss the insider discussions that are helping people claim victory over their lenders.

As you can tell by now, this is the simplest, most complete, organized and streamlined approach to help you…

stop foreclosure dead in its tracks
keep you and your family in your home
avoid being led to the slaughterhouse by the banks’ manipulative practices

When you become a member today, you will also receive these 2 FREE Bonuses worth more than the entire membership fee:

FREE Bonus #1:

You will also receive our complete Wrongful Foreclosure Product (worth $350) for free.  This is the complete set of pleadings and coaching for people who have already lost their homes and are suing for wrongful foreclosure damages.

FREE Bonus #2:

4-hour “Dirty Mortgage Secrets” Seminar Videos – Instant Online Access

You get full access to my famous live Portland, Oregon seminar – 16 videos, totaling 4 hours. Here’s a glimpse of what’s revealed …

  • Discover Who is MERS and How to Challenge MERS against fraudulent assignment of your Deed of Trust/Mortgage
  • Watch and Listen to an Expert Witness (with over 20 years in the finance industry) explain the “insider’s scoop” of how the fraud is being perpetrated.
  • Quickly get up to speed on how banks commit fraud during foreclosures and how you can rightfully challenge this fraud.
  • How to Quickly determine if your loan has been securitized.
  • How to Negotiate a Loan Mod (lower your mortgage payment) from a Position of Power
  • How to Hire a Competent Lawyer – one who understands this new area of law and is qualified to fight hard to achieve victory over the banks
  • Just part-way through this series, you’ll be blown away! …

Your eyes will be peeled open to the dirty underground secrets behind the bank fraud that’s being washed over the masses. Your fears and the intimidation you feel about your foreclosure will begin to evaporate. You’ll be charged with a new sense of confidence and power because you’ll now see exactly HOW the law is on YOUR SIDE.
Download them to your computer or watch them online within minutes of activating your membership.

FREE Bonus #3:

Member-Only Discounts on Foreclosure Defense Services

If you need them, this can save you hundreds of dollars on additional services we offer, such as the Securitization Audit, Forensic Examination and many other services. Our services are already priced THOUSANDS LESS than what a typical attorney charges. This gives you the deepest discounts available on services provided by qualified experts who care about you and your family.

FREE Bonus #3:

Always Fresh Up-to-the-Minute Research

My team and I are constantly researching new case laws, new successes and new technology to support you as one of our members. As a member, you are assured that nothing becomes stale.

You see, my motivation is not about collecting membership fees. (Remember, I’ve been through the hell you’re facing and survived.)

I am on a mission … I am passionate about helping you protect your family and get justice against bank fraud. You can rest assured that you will always be kept abreast of new information as its discovered.

I’ve done my absolute best to make your membership a simple, thorough and effective as humanly possible. But I know you may still have some taunting thoughts wandering in your head right now.
You might be thinking …

Excuse Busters

Here are some common excuses people often cite as excuses why they don’t think the program is right for them….

“But I am afraid to go to court. I don’t know what to say or do…”

First, take a deep breath and relax because you don’t have to know what to say or do … that’s what our fill-in-the-blank documents (and step-by step blueprint) are for. You hand the documents over and say “Your honor, I stand on my submissions.”

This way, the court will have to review your documents and make a decision on your arguments and not what you say.

Our program is designed to eliminate unknowns and spoon-feed you what to do … how to keep your need to say anything to a minimum … and what to say when you need to.

I’ve been through this process. And if I can do it (and thousands of other Americans can do it) so can you with the help of this program and its members.

“But it looks complicated. I don’t know if I can do this…”

Can you fill in the blanks, if you’re told what to fill in?
It’s really that easy. We make our forms easy to fill out so you simply change the highlighted area of the form with your own information.
There’s a form for every situation we’ve encountered from hundreds and hundreds of hours of experience and research. We’ve got you covered. All you have to do is simply select the appropriate form for the appropriate situation, and fill in the blanks.

“But is it really THAT easy??? I am scared… What do I do when the bank responds?”

With our process, we have a templated response that other homeowners have used that you can simply copy and paste.

And, as we learn new methods that work better, the documents are updated promptly, so you’re always using the latest, best, and simplest process.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

“What if I don’t want to hire a lawyer? … Can I still do this?”

Absolutely, YES! That’s the beauty in having all the tools, documents, resources, conference calls, and access to other members.  Plus with our document preparation services, you don’t need an attorney.  Our document preparer will prepare all the relevant documents you need to defend your home from illegal foreclosures.

“Can’t I find this information for free online?”

Sure, you might be able to unearth some of this information by taking all your spare time away from your family, leisure, TV, and everything else you enjoy doing. Because you’re going to end up spending countless hours and hours scouring the internet.

For every hour of productive discoveries you make, you’ll have dragged yourself through 10 hours of useless, unreliable crap. You’ll get confused, frustrated and burned out.

But the pain won’t end there because you’ll have to go through trial and error… numerous mistakes and failures. It’s not going to be pretty, easy or smooth. And it won’t be any fun.

It will be pure misery. I know. So many times I curled up in bed, hoping my tears would wash all my problems away. That’s what I went through to develop this program. And I would not wish that hell upon my worst enemy!

Don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll do this all by yourself. It is not worth it.

Even if you wanted to research it all on your own, you’d probably run out of time.

How much time before they foreclose on you and kick you (and your kids) out on the street?

How much time do you have before they change the laws?

What happens when the bank files a “Motion to Dismiss” against you? How would you respond?

As a member, you simply pull up the template response letter, fill in some blanks, and send it off with confidence in a matter of minutes.

You see, right now, you’re alone. You’re uninformed. And you have no ammunition. You stand almost no chance against the big banks this way.

As a member, you get all the information, weapons and ammunition you need to fight the banks with a PROVEN step-by-step blueprint.

We show you how to latch onto the bank like an angry pit bull that won’t let go until you get sweet justice.

Your Choices Are Quite Simple:

1) Do Nothing.

If you do nothing then I guarantee that you will lose your house.

2) Try To Continue Wasting Your Time With a Loan Modification Program.

Since you and I know that your “lender” don’t own your note, they can not actually do a loan modification. They will continue to jerk you around for months and then foreclose your house and kick your family to the curb anyway.

4) Spend $10,000 to $25,000 Hiring an Attorney Who May or May Not Know Anything About Foreclosure Defense.

You and I know that this sort of argument where the bank does not actually own your note and therefore does not have the authority to foreclose on your home is so new that few attorneys will know what to do with your case. Even if you were to hire an attorney and spend all that money, there’s no guarantee that you will succeed…or s/he knows how to defend your case.

5) Learn Foreclosure Defense Yourself and Fight.

Get the support you need by learning foreclosure defense yourself and fight. Stop the foreclosure dead in its tracks and demand that the party doing the foreclosing to prove that they are a real and beneficial party of interest.

Here’s What It Costs

$350 plus $20 per month for as long as you wish to remain a member.

Limited Time Special $199 (plus $20 per month).
Hurry. Offer Expires Soon.

Now Imagine For A Moment

Imagine the joy and sense of relief of achieving justice – of winning the right to keep your home …

You and your family are jumping for joy. You can’t stop smiling. Your cheeks are hurting because you’re all so incredibly grateful and happy … happier than you’ve felt in months (maybe years!).

All the tension of getting hounded over mortgage payments is over. A refreshing sense of peace and calm fills the air in your home again. Life is good again. And you finally get to move forward with a fresh start.

But if you do nothing, life will soon take a turn for the worst

If you just roll over on your back and take the punishment from the banks, you know they will keep kicking you while you’re down. (You don’t need me to tell you that!) The bank doesn’t care about your kids, how close they live to their friends, what school they go to now or when you move… they don’t care about your spouse or any of the memories you’ve created together in you home.

All the bank wants is money. And if you just sit there, your world will come crashing down.

The wrecking ball is already pulled back, ready to release down upon your family like a lifeless set of bowling pins.

You can’t even plead ignorance of this fact. You know what’s about to happen to you.

I’m here for you… I’m throwing you a life raft. All you have to do is reach out and climb aboard to safety.

Is your home worth defending, now that you know about what these banksters are doing?

Is your family worth fighting for?

Of course!

2 Reasons Why Time is Slipping Away:

First, as you know, the foreclosure clock is ticking. This means you only have a small window of time to act to save your home.
And right now, the opportunity to save your home is WIDE OPEN. Thousands of Americans are quietly fighting their lenders and WINNING!

But I must warn you …

Word of consumer victories is spreading. It’s leaking into the media. And the banks are not going to sit around while the public and news smears their names in the mud.
This means – while your opportunities are still wide open today – the banks have a lot of influence and are pulling strings in Washington … as we speak, they are trying to make it easier to get away with this fraud.
The laws could change at any time. So your opportunities could also shrivel up at any time.

The bottom line: The indisputable fact is that there will never be a better time to take action than right now, this very minute.

Disclosure and Condition of Membership

1. We make no guarantees of success implied or otherwise. You are joining a membership organization and membership benefits.

2.This is an automated coaching program. We can answer questions regarding customer service and usage but we can and will not answer any questions of a legal nature. No Personal Coaching or consultation is permitted with this program. We are forbidden by law to “practice law”. This is a membership organization. This does not entitle members to demand personal access to the managers of the organization for personal coaching, consultation or otherwise.

3. 60 day money back guarantee. If you join our membership program and are unhappy with it, just let us know. We will do what we can to make you happy or give you your money back. We understand that if you are in foreclosure, you are counting your pennies. The last thing you want is to waste money on some “scheme”. We want you to be satisfied.

4.None of our team are lawyers. We do not represent that we are members of any legal profession. Nothing offered within the membership program can be construed as giving legal advice, implied or otherwise. Members are advised to seek legal counsel at all times.

5.Get Legal Shield. Members are strongly advised to join Legal Shield before signing up for membership with the Foreclosure Defense membership organization.  Legal Shield offers affordable legal advice for our members.

6.This membership is for personal use only. You are not permitted to use our information to start your own foreclosure defense business. This is a pro se support resource.

7.This is a private membership association. Members of the BAR association and any persons working with/for a member of the BAR are not permitted to join our organization (Hurley v. Irish-American Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Group of Boston, 515 U.S. 557 (1995), the Court ruled that a group may exclude people from membership if their presence would affect the group’s ability to advocate a particular point of view). This is a lawful assembly of private citizens as protected under the First Amendment (the right to free speech and the right to lawful assembly), Fourth Amendment (against illegal search and seizures without probable cause) and the Fourteenth Amendment (nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law) of the Constitution of the United States. Our charter forbids any members of the legal profession from joining. Any persons associated with the BAR association of any kind who joins our association is willfully in breach of Tort and explicitly agrees on a self executing agreement and confession for $100 million dollars for use our confidential and proprietary material. Should any materials within our coaching program be used as evidence in any court, then the BAR association in question explicitly agrees to these terms. What happens behind our membership organization is a private matter and is not subject to BAR jurisdiction. See US Supreme Court (RAILROAD TRAINMEN V. VIRGINIA BAR, 377 U. S. 1 (1964) and NAACP V. BUTTON, 371 U. S. 415 (1963)). We will put a commercial lien on your treasonous organization should you want to contract with us. All law is contract and all contracts are law. This is a binding contract. You have been warned.

Price: $350 plus $20 per month for as long as you wish to remain a member.

Limited Time Special $199 (plus $20 per month).
Hurry. Offer Expires Soon.