Wrongful Foreclosure Defense

Are You a Victim of Bank Fraud?

Has your home been foreclosed on by a non-real party of interest?  (ie. Your “lender” who is in fact a servicer stole your house)

You might be entitled to up to 3 times the value of your loan for fraud, theft and racketeering claims against these banksters if you can prove that they were not the real parties of interest at the time they foreclosed your home.

It is said that the most dangerous person in the world is someone who has nothing to lose; particularly if he has incriminating evidence.  You see, if your lender foreclosed on you without proper proof of perfected chain of title as required by State law, then they are breaking the law.  Not only that, you have “Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)” evidence of the crime being committed against you.  It’s one thing to defend against a home being foreclosed on, it’s another where there is evidence that the bank was caught red handed committing fraud.  For them “it’s too late to back out”.

You see, if we can prove that your loan has been securitized then clearly it can be proven that the bank who foreclosed on you was not the real party of interest.

Our complete step by step coaching program shows you the process you will need to take to uncover the fraud (and prove to the judge that damage is done to you).

We provide you with sample pleadings that other homeowners have used to fight their lender in a wrongful foreclosure civil action.

With your membership, you will also get access to our member directory so you can connect with other members of the program to collaborate, share ideas, network as well as support.

Here’s what you get:


Sample Wrongful Foreclosure Pleadings you can customize naming the “lender” that wrongfully stole your house.


Time sensitive, automated content drip coaching that will tell you what you need to do, and when so you don’t get overwhelmed.


Access to our resources library where you can access legal research to help you build your case.


Access to sample Defense Arguments (ie. what to do once the bank answers) from previous homeowners.


Access to sample interrogatories. You also have access to sample Request for Admissions documents designed to make your “lender” squirm because they know that you know their fraud.


Sample settlement letters. This letter will be sent out to Opposing Counsel to get them to settle rather than to go to court to have their fraud exposed. It is designed to have your pretender lender “tap out”.


With your membership, you also receive special member
heavily discount prices to our other services.


You will also get access to both our other programs as a special bonus; including the Foreclosure Defense Membership, plus our Reconveyance Method program.  FREE.

You will also gain instant access to our video library, including our 4 hour seminar on foreclosure defense.

You will also gain instant access to our exclusive Members Area on Facebook where you can network and get support from other members in our program.

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