Document Preparation Service

Looking for an attorney to represent you? Tired of the run around and the lies? So Did We.

– A Personalized Pleading in Federal Court for you

– Or, prepare an Answer for you if you are being sued in a Judicial State.

– Prepare a Temporary Restraining Order(TRO) or Permanent Injunction to stop any foreclosure sale for you

– Prepare Responses to Motion to Dismiss for you

– Prepare Motion for Default/Summary Judgment for you

– Prepare a Motion to Dismiss (in the case where you live in a Judicial State)

– Do all the appropriate legal research for your State and State Civil Statute/Code

Please be advised that this is exclusively a Pro Se support service in which you are expected to represent yourself.

But I don’t want to go to court.  I don’t know what to say…

Let’s face it.  Life is stressful enough.  Going to court and speaking to a judge is the last thing you need.  However, if you have powerful evidence and a well argued case writing for you, all you need to say is this when you go to court.

You: “Your Honor.  I stand on my papers.”

That’s it.

In other words, your paper will do all the talking for you.

Why Wouldn’t I Just Get a Real Attorney to Represent Me?

Look.  We’ve been helping homeowners defend their homes since 2010.  We have YET to find a decent attorney who actually represent the interests of the homeowners.  In our experience, every attorney we’ve dealt with either overcharge their clients, leaving them penniless…feeding an ever hungry money pit, or the attorney just wants to get paid quickly through a settlement.  They often negotiate a loan mod for the homeowner without actually challenging the lender’s actual right to foreclose, which was the argument presented in the first place. To know more, visit

So if you want to be bleed to death, then more power to you.  You might get lucky and find a good attorney.  We have not been able to…and we’ve tried for over 5 years.

You will save more money…and ultimately have a better chance at saving your home this way.



This is a service provided by an independent paralegal firm that is not associated with Consumer Defense Programs.  CDP does not prepare documents, review, touch or otherwise handle any documents associated with the transaction.  We have been retained by the law firm to handle the intake process.

There is no warrantee on whether you succeed in your action or not as the situation varies from case to case.

You are advised that there may be additional fees associated with litigation including court fees, service fees (to “serve” your defendant) and other procedural costs that are not covered under this agreement that you are responsible for.


To hire an attorney, if you are lucky…you’ll be expected to pay out a $5000 initial retainer (most attorneys ask for $10,000).  That’s just a start.

You will expect to add another $1000 to $2000 per month to keep your case going.

With our program, you remain in complete control of the entire process.  There’s no surprises or hidden “gotcha”.  You pay one fixed price which gives unlimited hours of legal support.

Most attorneys charge $300 per hour….so to have them work 10 hours for you just to draft up your complaint will set you back $3000.

Our price is just:


Launch Price Special Offer 

$995 plus $495 per month for ongoing litigation support

Bonus Offer

If you would like to get both the Securitization Audit and the Document preparation service together, here’s what you get:


A Full Chain of Title Analysis


A Robo-signer/Notary Fraud investigation


Everything written in a pleading using the findings from the Audit

All for one inclusive price:

Normally, the document preparation service is $1995 and  our Securitization audit is $1500.

Total combined: $3495

Bundled Price Special: $1995 plus $495 per month ongoing litigation support. You save $1500.

In other words, for $500 more, you will have someone write your pleading defense for you.  Your regular attorney is going to charge you $5000 for this part alone.

Why the $495 ongoing fee?


Look paralegals are human.  They have kids to feed and employees to support too.  They don’t and can not work for free.  When you file a civil action litigation, it is an ongoing paper battle.  The other side is going to wear you down with Motions after Motions, in the hopes that you give up.  They think that by wearing you down, you will eventually run out of money and give up.  With an affordable legal team backing you up, you can turn the table on them.

Your ongoing fee will give you unlimited support to craft paperwork in your defense.  Writing pleadings, and responses as well as doing legal research takes MANY MANY HOURS.  It is brain grueling work.

Please remember, Consumer Defense Programs is not a law firm.  We have been retained by this parelegal firm to promote their services to our members.  The paralegal firm is not related to CDP in any way.

Cancel At Anytime

If at any time you want to stop the litigation support, simply let us know via email, and we will cancel it right away.  We’re here to help you.  It’s that simple.