Foreclosure Defense Letters

Here is a sample letter you can use as part of your discovery process. You should send this letter certified mail, return receipt. Always get the greencard returned…do not use the Internet for confirmation. It does not count.

000-Rebuttal of NOD letter (Right Mouse Click.  Select “Save Link As”) This is the dispute letter asking for debt validation within 30 days of your Notice of Default.

002-Initial-letter-to-lender (Right Mouse Click.  Select “Save Link As”)

002-Second-Letter-to-Lender (Right Mouse Click.  Select “Save Link As”)

These are just two of over 20 other documents contained in our member resources directory.  If you wish to become a member of our foreclosure defense association, please join us.  For more information about the benefits of membership, please click here.


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  1. Mary


    Many thanks for all that you are doing to help others become winners in this Fight. I need to order the Mortgage audit and Module 5 is reading
    error message so I can not order. Please HELP
    ASAP!!! I am in urgent did of this securitization

  2. Hugh Wells

    How can we become an affiliate. We are very interested in what you have to offer but I would like to know exactly what you do (various options) and how much are they. Please get back with me as soon as possible.

  3. Gene

    While reading Vinces great information, I also encourage everyone to please read your deed of trust/contract!!! Look at the first part… Definitions…. C) LENDER; is_________. Lender is a corporation in________. Lenders address is ________.
    Now count the number of times lender is mentioned in your deed of trust (187 times in mine) now goto paragraph 24… Substitute trustee…. Who does it say can do this…. Yes, ONLY the LENDER and no one else! Not MERS!! There is only one lender!!! Anyone after is a purchaser, bearer or holder… Not lender! Who does it say will send you a notice of default?… The Lender? Please read you contract/deed of trust!!!!!!

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