Foreclosure Defense: Module 1


Please understand.  We are here to help.  We want to support you and help you fight bank fraud.  However, the Banks and the BAR Associations would love to see this site “go away”.  They are looking carefully at EVERYTHING we do on this site.  We CAN NOT AND WILL NOT give you specific advice as “what should I do at this point?”, “what document should I file?”, or “They said this.  What should I say now?” or anything remotely similar to these types of questions.  What we can answer is “how to I access module 7. It’s locked?” or “Where can I find ABC document?”.

This policy applies to information on this site.  For the safety and benefit of all our members, we are forced to adopt this very stringent policy.  If we do not, and should we be some how found and construed to be practicing law, then our entire site gets shut down…and EVERYONE loses.

Yes. This sucks.  We hate it too.  But seriously, we are a support network.  We are here to guide you but we are not a substitute for a competent lawyer in this complicated matter.  Don’t save a few bucks and get cheap advice, and end up losing your home.  I know lawyers are not cheap.  But either join Prepaid Legal or start interviewing some lawyers to see which one you can work with that is open minded.  WE ARE NOT LAWYERS.  What we say are just common folk ideas and suggestions.  They may not be correct and you should not rely on the answers from us or from fellow members as “the final authority”.

Please refrain from the temptation to use this site as a substitution for competent legal determination.  We do not want this site to be shut down.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

-Vince Khan

Welcome to Your First Education.

This is a big step and it does take a lot of

1) Courage to move forth with this process
If you are about to face foreclosure, there’s really no other choice. It’s either go down quietly or go down fighting.

2) Faith.
It is natural to feel nervous. You will be severely tested over the coming weeks/months. That’s what this group is for. We are here for each other for support. We’re just seeking truth and rightful remedies.

3) Commitment.
I never said this was easy. There’s a lot of paperwork involved. Once you start this process, there’s no chickening out. You go all the way to the end. We will go through the process as I’ve outlined in my book. This course will go into more detail each step of the process and how you would fill out the forms…and why. I will be making videos to show you how so you can follow along.

We will be drip feeding you content so you are not overwhelmed with too much information at once. This coaching system would also teach you/remind you when you need to send what paperwork so that it will help keep you on track.

The Most Important Questions

Before going into the detail of the program, the most important questions you need to ask yourself is this:

a) Do I have what it takes to do this on my own?

b) Should I retain a lawyer?

c) Am I committed to doing anything and everything it takes to keep my home from those who want to steal it?

Understanding the big “Why?” is an important part of harnessing the power to be motivated during these very desperate and depressing times.  Are you willing to fight so that your family can stay in their home?  This is perhaps the toughest struggle you’ve ever had to deal with…and it is not for the light of heart.

  1. If you want to do this yourself….do your own paperwork, and go to court yourself, then just continue with the modules.
  2. If you want to receive help crafting your pleadings, answering Motions and Answers for you and not deal with the hassle of not knowing what to say, or what to write…then let us help. 

We have locked access to many of the modules to keep the information focused so you don’t get confused.  We will notify you via email when the time is right.  However, should you need to get accellerated access to any of the modules, simply email:  Give Customer Service your email address (so she can look up your account) and which module you want access to.


Here are the documents in our kit.  Please download, and review them.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to download Documents every time you are making a new file.  I update these almost daily.

Getting Support

We want to be there to support you.  This is why we have created a special private group in Facebook where you can connect with other fellow homeowners…ask questions, and meet up locally.  Be sure to send a private message via Facebook to me when you join as I get a lot of non members requesting access.  Here is my profile:


Urgent! My House is Up for Sale Next Week

If your house is up for sale shortly, time is not on your side.  Please go to Module 0 right away.

Help. I am in a Judicial State and I am being Sued.  I need to know how to write a Response

(skip this if you are in a Non-Judicial State like California)

If you are in a Judicial State and need help crafting a response, then do the following:

1) Download the Documents and Reference files above.

2)  Open MAS-SupremeCourt-InvalidBlankAssignment.pdf in the Reference file. Read and familiarize yourself with this case.  You should be able to quote this file in your sleep.

3) Open 012-Judicial State Response in the Documents. Customize it to your specific situation.  THIS IS JUST A TEMPLATE, but it gives you an idea how to enter an answer and what arguments to use.  Of course, be sure to consult an attorney once you are done.  Alternatively, you can submit this to our document preparation service (found in Module 7) and they can write up your response specifically to your case for you.

It is also a good idea to file 004c – Request for Admissions.doc with your Judicial Response.  This way, if they do not respond within (usually 30 days) the time allowed (according to your State’s Rule’s of Civil Procedure), you can also file for a Motion for Summary Judgment.  To do this, customize 010-Quiet Title-Summary-Judgment.doc and 010a-Quiet Title ORDER-Summary-Judgment.doc using the facts admitted in your Request for Admissions.

4) Go to Module 4, Module 5 and Module 6 and study up on the Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Court, and Rules of Evidence. (Email to have these modules unlocked for you.)

5) Check with your court/State Rules of Civil Procedures (eg. Californian Rules of Civil Procedures).  In many courts, you are required to set a hearing date.  It’s called a Request for Oral Arguments.  You might want to go to the counter at your court house and ask the clerk of the court what is the usual procedure.

Usually, this involves filling in a form to request a date for a hearing.

6) Then once you have customized the Response, file your response with the court AS WELL AS OPPOSING COUNSEL via mail or fax.  Be sure to attach a certificate of service with the court.

7) Remember, when you go to court, learn to Object!  Counsel can not testify.  If he says “the homeowner is just trying to get out of paying for the debt”.  Say “OBJECTION! Relevance.  Plaintiff has the burden of proof to establish subject matter jurisdiction in this matter.  Until jurisdiction is established, anything else brought forth is not relevant.”

OR If you want to have your Response Crafted for you

I Want to Rescind My Loan

Another strategy you could use is to rescind your loan.   This means that you must be willing to give up your house and move out within 20 days of notice/tender.  However, what you get back is, all the monies you’ve paid into this loan back.

If you are interested in doing a Rescission, then go to Module 0.1.


Instruction Video Module 1

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Watch The Foreclosure Defense Video Series NOW

It is important that you get up to speed on knowing the arguments and the process.  We’ve created a 4 hour video series that walks you through the process of understanding the nature of bank fraud in greater depth.  Please, spend the time to watch these videos now.  The more you learn this stuff, the more you can internalize this information and own it as yours.  It is important that you know this information back to front so you can articulate and defend yourself.  The last thing you want to do is to appear like a fool in court and have the opposing side eat you alive.

Confidence is gained from education and knowledge.  Please, commit to spending a few minutes a day to watch this series.  It is VERY important and is part of your education.

Tomorrow, I will send you the next module on sending in your first letter to the bank.

Dealing With Phone Calls

Chances are, you are getting calls from your pretender lender trying to get you to pay up, or trying to do some sort of loan modification offer.  You are also probably getting harassment calls from either your credit card company or some sort of collections agency.

Here’s the thing, you do not need to talk to these people.  They are giving you nothing but grief, and they can not resolve the issue with regards to Standing anyway…so why talk to them?  Anything they have to say can be said in writing…and it’s all documented.  Nothing said over the phone can be proven unless you record it.

So, the first thing you need to do if you haven’t done so is to call your phone provider and get call blocking.  Every time anyone call you that you don’t like, add them to the block list.

This will give you sanity and some peace back to your life.


1) Take a Deep Breath. Treat this like a game. Take the fear, nervousness and uncertainty out of this. You are dealing with drones. You’ve got the odds stacked on your side.

Listen, these foreclosure mills are not investing any emotional energy into the game.  For them, it’s just a job.  For you, it’s a life and death struggle.  There’s fear and anxiety involved.  Let me ask you something…is the fear serving you in this struggle?  If the other side has no fear…why should you set yourself up for failure by stacking the odds against yourself?  If the fear is not serving you, then get rid of it.  Meditate, take a walk…do whatever it take to take the emotion out of it.  This is just a game of chess.  IT is the ULTIMATE game of chess in real life.  Just take the emotion out of it.  Learn the rules, play to win.  Get rid of the emotions….it only hurts you.

2) If you have received your Notice of Default in the last 30 days, or have not yet received your NOD, be sure to review the001-Rebuttal of NOD letter.doc letter.  This is very important and very powerful in stopping the foreclosure.  With this, you can and should sue the Trustee for violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (worth a free $1000) and it will teach these people to respect the law.

3) If you are facing an impending Trustee sale (like next week, be sure to review the module 0: “Urgent: Foreclosure Sale Pending Next Week

4) Be sure to keep a journal of everything that’s going on.  When you sent what, when you did what.  This is VERY VERY IMPORTANT.  6 months from now, if you need to go to court, this will save your ass.

5) IMPORTANT: Register yourself in the Facebook Meetup Group.  You need friends you can hook up with to discuss ideas/problems with.

This is perhaps the most important thing you could do today.  Seriously.  We’ve been doing this a while now, so we kinda know what we’re talking about.  This is as much about information as well as providing support.  We all need someone’s shoulder to cry on during tough times.

Over the coming weeks, you will be exposed to many challenges.  You will have questions.  You will want someone to bounce ideas with.  Someone to discuss strategies with.  This is where our registry becomes a major asset.  Remember, you joined a membership club.  This is one of the most important benefits of your membership.

A few weeks from now, you will likely be suing your lender.  You may receive letters from your lender or their banks.  Where do you go once the bank responds?  What do you do?  The answer is, you go to your support network.  Find a “study buddy”.  Hook up.  We’re all in it together.  We’re all here to help each other.

Provide your phone and email address, as well as the city you live in, in the members directory under the comments section.  Then, find a few people on the list and connect with them via email.  You will find our members very helpful.

6) Sign up for Legal Shield.   Don’t be stupid.  You need legal help at this very legally intensive period of your life.  You will need someone to go to for legal help.  For $16/m, it’s an awesome deal to get real legal advice.

7) Watch the bonus Foreclosure Defense Video Series.

8) Download the Documents and Reference Files (and look at them):

10) Review the following documents:


000-Process Map




000-The Syllabus Schedule

The READ ME FIRST file is also very important.  It tells you what each file in the Document kit is, and how to use them.  This is also our version control document.  We regularly update our documents.

The Syllabus Schedule will show you the outline of the various modules, what they will cover and when.

11) Call your phone service provider and get call blocking.

12) Remember to smile. Life ain’t that bad. You STILL have a roof over your head.

Should you need to contact any assistance, just email us at  However, we can not and will not review your documents and “give you our blessing”.

Contact if you need to adjust the module release dates.  Check with the Syllabus and let our administrator know which module you would like us to jump to (or roll back from).

IMPORTANT: Please don’t send me emails every day asking for blessings on the finer points.  Use your intuition.  I am your coach, not your mother.  I literally get over 100 emails a day.  I spent HOURS AND HOURS just answering emails and never get any work done.  Please find a study partner from the registry.  Consult with them.  This is a journey of discovery for you as well.   Please respect my time.

Thank you.  I am grateful for your support.


This is purely for educational and entertainment purpose only. Nothing on this site can be construed as giving legal advice. None of our staff are lawyers.  You are using this information at your own risk. You are to seek legal counsel in these matters.