Latest News About Foreclosure Defense

A New Word: “Standing Objector”

For too long, homeowners who challenge a bank's standing to foreclose on their properties have been called "strategic defaulters" by banks and their attorneys.  For too long, this term has gone unchallenged. As you know, words are powerful.  The term "strategic...

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Foreclosure Defense Attorney Saint?

I've been struggling to find good honest attorneys for the last 18 months or so, ever since I started this journey who not only understand foreclosure defense arguments but who understand the plight of the homeowners. Last week, I am proud to say, my quest is over....

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IMPORTANT News: Bank of America admissions

I just received a notice about my loan from Bank of America, which had been serviced by BAC Home Loans.  They are now transferring the servicing to Bank of America N.A.   Most of you who have Bank of America loans will have received this notice.  Many of you...

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